Creativity lab, 30/1-3/2/2017 IDEC

Second course for 2017 our fresh Creativity Lab course.

During this second session of the course we were excited to host a very multicultural group of trainees, coming from 8 countries: Estonia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Lithuania and Turkey.

The 12 trainees represented the following organisations and schools: Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Lycée Nic-Biever, Primary School Grigora Viteza, Srednja skola Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir, Gimnazjum nr 1, Zespół Kształcenia i Wychowania w Bielkówku, Asociación Cultural Meridinao Imaginario, Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences, Yeşilyazı Ortaokulu.

The course is modular, each day dealing with different aspects of creativity: creativity concept, creative writing, storytelling, illustrated storyboards, comics, animation, video art, creating/ organising an innovation lab and study visit to an innovation lab.

In order to maximise the training benefits, 4 different trainers deliver the course, amongst which a creativity facilitator, a video artist, a painter/ pedagogue and a theatrical writer.

Our warmest regards to all the trainees: Sigrid, Delia, Alexia, Ivana, Elena, Anna, Malgorzata, Dorota, Augusto, Irma, Abdullah and Sergül!

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