COVID-19 precautions

General measures:  

  • We have established safety protocols for Covid-19
  • Trained our staff to follow them
  • We also follow the state’s recommendations for schools and training centres

In the classroom:

We will skip activities and exercises that require physical contact, close work and sharing objects/papers etc. Instead we will incorporate more activities using mobile phones and/or other electronic devices.

  • Trainees will keep at least 1.5 meters distance always
  • Participants will be asked to check their temperature daily
  • Disinfection protocol has been established for the training rooms 

In the training room, only the absolutely necessary persons will enter, the trainer, one administrator and a management representative for opening and closure ceremonies. Always keeping our distances! 

Social activities:

Unfortunately, we need to alter our acclaimed social programme and try to avoid crowded places. We will select restaurants that are following all Covid-19 related safety precautions. In the restaurants we will sit in different tables according to the state directives (4-6 persons in one table). Perhaps we may skip the dancing sessions, but we will give our best for you to get to know and enjoy Greek live music and culture. 

During our social programme, we will avoid public transportation and we will move mainly with taxis and small buses.  


We will provide continual support to our trainees, to access public or private medical services, in case of health or any other type of emergency. It is strongly recommended that participants issue, and travel with their EU health card.  

Remember that Greece is a safe destination for travelling as the timely restrictive measures taken by the authorities resulted in effective control of its spread. We continue our efforts and Greece will stay safe for our people and our guests.