Christina “Ninni” Jönne

The content was right on the mark for the tasks that fill my everyday work. It will sharpen my arguments in many contexts. The content presented by instructors, in very good English, with extensive expertise in creating good learning situations and to contribute with many concrete examples related to my area of responsibility. They were also good at creating a safe climate in which we all dared to contribute examples, ask questions and more. It was also positive that we had to work with their own concrete examples and got good supervision in them. They also created the opportunity for us to compare our education system and how we manage quality and evaluations.
I will use my newly gained knowledge in many contexts in my profession. My new knowledge will come in use in my next major evaluation effort to sharpen the explanations and arguments for the whole evaluation process but also in all future development efforts so that I can become sharper about: what, how , who, when, follow-up etc. It will also strengthen me in communicating and motivate my choices about why / what / how and to. Issues in upcoming evaluations will hopefully also become sharper and be more clearly linked to the purpose of the evaluation.
We had three different trainers during the five day course. They used slide shows in their lectures, they gave many concrete examples related to our area (preschool / school), where it was possible , they asked for examples from our home countries, leading to new experiences and comparisons. They also used the workshops where they asked us to use an area so that in the practical exercises applied to a field relevant for us, giving great benefit to our work at home. The course ended with a certification and evaluation.
They had also planned nice events for us in the evenings, like sightseeing, dinner at local restaurants and even dinner in their own home.
I can really recommend IDEC as a course provider about evaluation and quality assurance.

Christina “Ninni” Jönne, Sweden – Universitets-och högskolerådet